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Advanced Planning

Advanced planning is the process of setting out one's wishes and
instructions to be followed at the time of death.

Advanced Funding is paying for the products and services desired and/or required in order to complete your wishes and instructions.

Although planning in advance is not a new concept, many people have difficulty addressing their own death in a frank and open manner. Our understanding and professional approach can ease the awkward feelings, fostering a sincere and complete discussion regarding death.

Why should you do advanced planning?
People plan carefully for things that are important in their lives..their wedding, the purchase of a home, saving for their children's education, financial independence in their retirement years. But often times, the important decisions regarding what will happen at the time of their death is left to someone else. Family members must make decisions without knowing if they are carrying out the wishes of the person who died.

Safety - Consumer protection: The State of Iowa mandates guidelines that funeral homes must follow for those people who decide to fund their funeral arrangement in advance. The law states that funeral home must deposit 80% of funds received for prepayment in a trust or insurance policy. At Harris Funeral Home we deposit 100% of the funds. We do not retain any of your money for administrative costs. Iowa Law requires prepaid funeral funds to be deposited in either a trust account or an insurance policy. Both options are available at Harris Funeral Home's. More information on the Iowa Administrative Code 523A governing advanced planning can be found at State of Iowa web site.

Click Here> for the Iowa Securities Bureau Pamphlet for Prearranged Funeral Plans

Who Can I Call?
The Staff at Harris Funeral Homes knows that death and grief are common human experiences, yet these experiences tend to be different for every individual. As a result, there are no words that can adequately describe what a survivor goes through when grieving. What we know for sure is that many times it is tough and almost overwhelming.

Please contact us and let a Harris Funeral Home's staff professional help you with any questions you may have.